Cubs Number Hunt, Bridge Hike and It’s a Knockout!

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Just a few little photos from the last three weeks!

Thank you to Colonel Hathi for designing the many-times-postponed Number Hunt! The Cubs followed compass bearings around the area looking for clues that would lead them to a number. Lots of fun.

Thank you to Bagheera for leading our Hike the Bridge. We made it about three quarters of the way across in the time we had available. Some cubs had to overcome a fear of heights. All cubs seemed to enjoy themselves even though they got soaked!

Thank you to the whole team and a parent for helping with this week. Raksha engineered an amazing It’s a Knockout competition which was thoroughly enjoyed. Chil and Baloo provided the victuals for a delicious BBQ! Meat from Lower Failand Organic Farm and Molesworths Butchers. Veggies from Lloyds.

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