Up-skilling the Cubs!

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Last night the 167th Cub Pack had a chance to learn a new sport and practice a few new skills toward their Our Skills Challenge Award – this completed the award for three of them! Lots are very close to completion. Here following is a little snapshot of the badminton, ironing, shoe polishing, lightbulb changing and sewing!

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Cubs have a blast of a time with a Brunel Box

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Brunel’s Blast-Off Box

Last night the cubs borrowed a fantastic chest of activities from the SS Great Britain’s Brunel Loan Boxes.

Following the excellent instructions in the box the cubs rolled, glued, decorated and equipped a paper tube with a nose cone and some flights. They named their rockets and prepared them for launch.

In the treasure chest of a loan box was the launch tube sitting atop a pressure chamber. Once the device was pumped to between 1 and 2 bar pressure, the leaders checked the area was clear and charged the valve release and then the cubs yelled out their 3, 2, 1, Blast-Off!

Continue ‘reading’ to see a select few videos.

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Cubs create natural artwork

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Self-Portraits, Mud Monsters or the Spirits of the Trees – you choose your interpretation!

Last night the cub pack enjoyed a dusky evening in the woods of Ashton Court creating artwork out of the natural supplies beneath the tree canopy. If you’re quick you might be able to find some here before the rain washes them away: https://w3w.co/rarely.phones.nails

September 2021 Cup Pack Camp

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What an amazing weekend – the first camp since covid struck. We were blessed with a wonderful weekend of bright weather, beautiful countryside, fantastic camp smells and fun activities.

We achieved:

  • The most adventurous Night Hike that we have done in living memory. The trial went cold in the middle of a steep sided stream. We were imagining the headlines “Cubs stranded in ditch 3m from public footpath!” We saw bats, stars and the warming glow of Bristol on the way back
  • Pioneering, Rope Making, Countryside Code Learning, Archery and Wide Games filled the afternoon
  • Supper was cooked over open fires
  • Campfire marshmallows were toasted and a scary story enjoyed
  • There was a surprise visit from Sandy the European Kestrel and falconer Tom
  • We walked to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm for a day of fun, mazes and wild creatures

Cubs Number Hunt, Bridge Hike and It’s a Knockout!

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Just a few little photos from the last three weeks!

Thank you to Colonel Hathi for designing the many-times-postponed Number Hunt! The Cubs followed compass bearings around the area looking for clues that would lead them to a number. Lots of fun.

Thank you to Bagheera for leading our Hike the Bridge. We made it about three quarters of the way across in the time we had available. Some cubs had to overcome a fear of heights. All cubs seemed to enjoy themselves even though they got soaked!

Thank you to the whole team and a parent for helping with this week. Raksha engineered an amazing It’s a Knockout competition which was thoroughly enjoyed. Chil and Baloo provided the victuals for a delicious BBQ! Meat from Lower Failand Organic Farm and Molesworths Butchers. Veggies from Lloyds.

Cubs go cycling!

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The pack enjoyed a lovely sunny evening cycle ride through Ashton Court and along Festival Way.

A large group of the pack formed a fast moving peloton reaching in to the heart of Long Ashton while a more cautious team built their confidence greatly whilst overcoming hills, nettles and various bicycle malfunctions!

Bicycles help social distancing for the team briefing!

Many thanks to our cycle expert, Bagheera, for planning and leading the evening and to the Parent Helpers that joined us to help with supervision.

Cubs enjoy the Time on the Water!

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Last night our cub pack enjoyed a few hours of delightful summer sun, fun & silliness in the harbour.

Cubs started off by getting themselves equipped and moving the vessels to the water. After a short tutorial from the staff at All Aboard Watersports, they set off – voyaging downwind and up the harbour for a while. While the sailing dinghys played games outside the Cottage Inn, the stand up paddleboards and kayaks ‘fell’ in Cumberland Basin and warmed up with a bit of racing!

Here are a selection of the pictures for your enjoyment.

Adults – fancy joining in?

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We’re planning some fun stuff in Cubs – just as our Scouts and Beavers are! Here is one message from a parent:

What an awesome event for them
Wish I had been in Cubs

a Cub’s Dad!

My response is from the Bear:

The past year and a half has been tough for so many and young people need Scouting more than ever. But Scouts need volunteers to make that happen. The good news is that volunteering is #GoodForYou, it’s good for your CV, your wellbeing and your community too. So give it a go and join us πŸ‘ŠπŸΌhttp://scouts.org.uk/volunteer/

Chief Scout Bear Grylls

Navigation and Investitures

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Our last of 3 sessions at Woodhouse Park in mixed weather – lots of lovely sunshine and views, but it did rain our our parade (investiture) at the end!

The cubs learnt about contours using the models that the sixers had created. And the sixers led discussions on a the last few parts of the Fire Safety badge.

Map Bingo for a massive bar of chocolate was probably my highlight – even though I didn’t win!