In all the fun and adventure of Cubs, we aim to recognise achievement by awarding badges. Most badges that cubs earn will be worn on their uniform jumper. Sometimes we give out fun badges that cubs can sew on to their camp blanket instead of their uniform.

Broadly, there are three kinds of badges:

  1. Core Badges – these serve to identify and describe the cub. They show to which group, district and county the cub belongs etc. Core Badges are normally found on the right arm and left chest of the Cub Jumper.
  2. Activity Badges – these recognise achievement in many different specific activities. Some will be covered during Cub Pack Nights and others will be worked on by the individual in the course of pursuing their own interests. There is a class of Activity Badge called Staged Activity Badges. These, as the name suggests, are earned at different stages or levels; generally only the highest level of the badge is worn on the uniform. Activity Badges belong on the left arm of the Cub Jumper. List of Cub Activity Badges.
  3. Challenge Award Badges – these seven badges are a bit more in depth. We aim to cover five of the Challenge Awards during Cub nights according to our rolling programme. The other two are more suited to being completed at individually appropriate timings. Challenge Awards are worn on the right chest of the Cub Jumper. List of Challenge Award Badges.

If a Cub achieves six or more Activity Badges and all seven Challenge Awards Badges then they are awarded the Chief Scout’s Silver Award. This is the highest award that a Cub Scout can earn. We hope that most of our cubs reach this stage during their time with us! We work towards most of the Challenge Awards during our weekly meetings and regular camps. See the plan!

You can find more information about what badges your Cub has earned or is working towards in the Parent Portal of Online Scout Manager.