Enjoy the outdoors and Be Tick Aware!

Tick season is upon us. I know the woods around me are ripe with ticks and I obviously have sweet blood!

Please make sure that you, as parents, are aware of the best advice for the prevention and management of tick bites and particularly the early identification of Lyme’s Disease. I will leave it up to you to decide how much to discuss this with your cubs. I have a friend who deliberately does his tick briefing at the end of bushcraft sessions (with adults) in order not to allow the worry of ticks to detract from their enjoyment of the session.

For me, the important things are that you give your cub a good check for ticks after they have spent time in the wild and that you are well aware of the symptoms of Lyme Disease so that you can consult your GP should any show, particularly the flu-like symptoms in the first few weeks or the bull’s eye rash.

More Info (and graphic photos!) here – please note the bit where it says Most tick bites are harmless!