Challenge Award Rolling Programme

We hope that your cubs will enjoy working towards and achieving lots of badges during their time in Cubs. The pinnacle of achievement in Cubs is he Chief Scout’s Silver Award.

Four out of the seven challenge awards are suitable for us to work towards during our regular Cub Pack Nights. We have a rolling programme for our termly activities that encompasses these Challenge Awards so that if your cub is with us for most of the Cub age range (8 to 10 1/2 years old) they will have a good chance of achieving the Chief Scout’s Silver Award.

Here is our plan:

TermChallenge Award we aim for
Autumn Term 2021Our Skills Challenge Award
Spring Term 2022Teamwork Challenge Award
Summer Term 2022Our Adventure Challenge Award
Autumn Term 2022Our World Challenge Award
Spring Term 2023Our Skills Challenge Award
Summer Term 2023Teamwork Challenge Award
Autumn Term 2023Our Adventure Challenge Award
Spring Term 2024Our World Challenge Award

The other three Challenge Awards are:

  • The Outdoor Challenge award which is completed on Pack Camps and also requires at least 3 Nights Away are completed on scouting activities.
  • The Personal Challenge Award is better completed at the pace of the individual and in the second half of their couple of years in cubs.
  • The Team Leader Award will be worked on during their time as Sixer or Seconder.