Young People’s own use of OSM

Parents can choose to input their Beaver, Cub or Scout’s own email address in the Member section of Personal Details. This mean that your child will also receive emails from leaders that go out to parents. It will also mean that they can create an OSM account and log in to OSM like parents do. Children will then be able to see the programme for themselves, see their badge progress and even upload ‘evidence’ for different elements of badges that they are working. We find this helps with their ownership of their progress.

A note about Safeguarding

Cub leaders will never email cubs individually; parents will always be copied in. Likewise if children reply, they need to remember to add their parents in to the CC of their reply.

What Children will see

Children will have limited abilities on OSM.

They will be able to

  • View Events
  • View the Programme
  • Use ‘Programmes at Home’
  • View Badges
  • Use ‘Badges at Home’
  • View personal details

They will NOT be able to:

  • View or make payments
  • Sign Up to Events
  • Inform Leaders of their absence
  • Sign up to Parent Rota (we don’t use it anyway!)
  • Edit their Personal Details
  • Use Chat Rooms
  • Read the history of emails sent from OSM
  • Use Gift Aid declaration

Parents MUST NOT put their own email in the Member section otherwise they will only get the limited access to OSM!

If a cub does not have an email address yet, you may ask us to create one for them in the form of: [cubname] This will allow them to have a email-like username for OSM, but not have a real email address. Initially this email address would redirect to a parent so that you could click the link to create the OSM account for your child. Thereafter we will set any emails sent to that address to be completely ignored – otherwise parents would receive duplicate emails every time we sent out a communication via OSM.