Keeping your child’s Personal Details up to date with OSM

You will need a (free) account on the OSM system. This account will follow you through the different sections from Beavers to Cubs to Scouts etc. When we first send you an email to welcome you to the 167th Group you will receive information about how to setup this account and link your child to your new OSM login details.

Please make sure that we have correct details for your child before they attend their first session.

Please also make sure you are happy with the group’s Privacy Policy before you enter or confirm the details.

We generally ask you to review, update and confirm the details at the start of the academic year and before any residential experiences (camps) etc.

Read the blurb at the top of that page – particularly the bit telling you which parts NOT to bother filling in!

Personal Details – the blurb

Your Consent

When you click the “I confirm these details are correct” button (in OSM), you are giving your consent for us to work with your child on a regular Beaver/Cub/Scout session both in and around our meeting place at Westbury Baptist Church. You are also consenting to us collecting, storing and managing your and your child’s personal data in accordance with the 167th Scout Group’s Privacy Policy.

Supervision of Activities at Home

From time to time (especially during Covid Lockdowns!) we provide the opportunity for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to complete scouting activities at home. This may be during a live Colony/Pack/Troop Zoom, or through the use of the Badges at Home feature in OSM (which allows us to provide videos/downloads to support badge work at home).

  • Parents must supervise their children during online sessions.
  • Parents retain responsibility for risk management during activities at home.

Child/Young Person’s Own Access to OSM

We encourage parents to consider allowing children to have their own login details to access OSM (they see a limited set of resources) For more information – please see our guidance here:

What to complete on this page

At the moment OSM doesn’t allow me to edit which of the below fields you see, so please follow these guidelines.

Please DO NOT fill in the following fields:

  • Email 2 wherever you see it
  • Phone numbers for the Member (your child)

Please do complete everything else where possible, remembering to tick the boxes after phones saying that we can contact you using those details – but you might want to do that for just one of the contacts.

When you have checked and updated everything, you will also need to click the “I confirm these details are correct” button that looks a bit like this:

This is just a screenshot of the button. You'll have to click the actual button at the top of the Personal Details page for your child in OSM.