Using OSM to pay for Subs and Events

In the main, it makes life easier for leaders and parents to use OSM for our finances. Here is a little guidance starting with a video from the creators of OSM

Here are the various different ways to pay for Termly Subs or Camps and Events. They are in order of our preference!

1. Create an OSM Subscription to automate everything!

The first time that you are invited to pay Subs or for an Event – look for the “Create Subscription” button. You will be asked to use or create an account with GoCardless (the popular payment provider) and and then add a card or bank details for Direct Debit.

Benefits: All payments will be requested from your nominated payment source automatically – no need to worry or remember. You’ll always receive an email before the payment is taken giving you notice. You’ll be able to cancel the payment as long as it hasn’t been initiated. You are still covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Drawbacks: If you forget to check your email you won’t get the chance to reconsider the payment!

2. Use OSM to easily pay each request at the click of a button

If you haven’t created a subscription, then each time a payment for Subs or an Event is requested, you’ll get an email. Look for the “Pay Now” button to pay this one request. You will still be asked to use or create an account with GoCardless (the popular payment provider) and and then add a card or bank details for Direct Debit. Lots of people see “direct debit” and think “regular scheduled payment”, but Direct Debit is just the method of payment; just like cheque, standing order or BACS transfer. Just as with a subscription, above, you are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee – If a payment is taken that the you have not been notified about, you can ask your bank to make a refund. Parents will always receive an email from OSM before any payment is claimed.

Benefits: You have a bit more control and your consciousness is being raised of when your money is being spent. You are still covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Drawbacks: You might forget to pay and be hassled by auto-reminders from the system. If you ignore all those then your section leader will have to get in touch to chase payment.

3. Don’t like the OSM/GoCardless combo – use Bank Transfers

If you don’t like the idea of all this online financial auto-fandangery, you can pay by making a bank transfer to the Group bank account each time you receive an email from OSM requesting payment of Subs or for a Camp or Event. The process will be a bit laborious and you may be reminded by OSM even after you’ve made the transfer. Here’s what’ll happen

  1. You receive an email from OSM requesting payment (for subs or an event etc)
  2. You make the payment by bank transfer to the 167th Scout Group bank account
  3. You email your section leader to tell them that you’ve made the payment
  4. The section leader will email the treasurer to ask them to check that it has arrived
  5. The treasurer will check for the transaction in the group bank account and then reply to the section leader
  6. The section leader will mark the payment as “paid manually” on OSM. This will stop the nagging reminder emails that OSM will automatically send periodically

Benefits: Your data in slightly fewer places. You consciousness more heartily being raised of when & where your money is being spent. Not quite sure what else – you tell me

Drawback: It’s a longwinded process involving tasks by you and two other members of the scouting team. You’ll be nagged periodically by OSM until the whole process is complete.

4. Pay by Cash or Cheque

I didn’t say that – you didn’t see it here!

(We can revert to cash/cheque if need be – just ask)

Financial Hardship

Scouting should be accessible to all – so we will not allow financial hardship to come be a barrier to accessing scouting. If you are struggling with any of our requests for money – please speak to your Section Leader or the Group Scout Leader

Gift Aid

If you are a tax payer, then we would love to reclaim Gift Aid on the subs you give to the 167th Group. Please make sure that you have made a Gift Aid declaration through OSM.