Join the team!

Scouting is enabled by teams of volunteers!

You might simply have an interesting skill/job/experience that would be fun to share in a scouting session – or you might be passionate about giving the best start to children in our community and want to be involved regularly.

There are so many scouts for whom Phil was important. I think Phil’s legacy in Scouting is the sheer amount of young people who grew in maturity and confidence, skills for life and a love of the outdoors through his tenure as our Shere Khan, our Group Scout Leader.

A few words from the Scouting Tribute that given at the recent funeral of our Group Scout Leader

What will your legacy be?

In the 167th Group is run by an Executive Committee team, a Beaver Team, a Cub Team and a Scout Team. Adults can offer different levels of support to the group – see below for an outline of these levels.

We currently need …

The lovely Phil did so much for the group that there is now quite a gap to fill! If either of these roles look exciting to you – please get in touch!

Vacancies in the Beaver Team

The Beaver team is supported by a few great parents who seem to be happy in the Occasional Helper or Section Assistant roles. What we need is 2 or 3 adults who would like to complete all the training to be full blown leaders. Apparently a Beaver Colony doesn’t need to have one person named as The Beaver Leader so it could be run by a team of Assistant Beaver Leaders. We certainly promote teamwork and collaboration. Having said that, teams do need good leadership, so it is probably more usual for there to be a Beaver Leader supported by one or more Assistant Beaver Leaders and Section Assistants.

Vacancies in the Cub Team

One of our leaders has just dropped down to help our the Beaver section, so the Cub Team is now 3 full time excellent adults! We’d love to add one female and one male to that team as Section Assistants. At the beginning of each term the leaders meet and plan a term of fun cub activities, then we divvy the meetings up between ourselves so that we each plan, communicate and prep a few meetings a term. If you’re new to Scouting, then we would definitely offer you a term or two to settle in and plenty of support learning the ropes.

Vacancy for Group Scout Leader

If you’d like a role that is slightly less about working week in week out with children and young people – perhaps the GSL is for you. You would chiefly be supporting the adults that run the 3 sections as well as steering the direction of the group. Naturally you will want to attend meetings of the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts occasionally and especially for things like investitures (where new members make their scouting promises) and the awarding of top awards. You might even turn up at camps for a bit of outdoor fun!

Different Levels of Volunteering

Parent Helper

Sometimes Parents will help on a very occasional one-off basis. There might be a rota for you to bag one spot each term. Perhaps we need a few extra adults for a trip. Perhaps you’ve got a special skill or experience that we’d love to share with the scouts. You would never be unsupervised with the children and the other adults would make sure you know any safety information.

Occasional Helper

Sometimes these one-off sessions might need you to supply further information about you or perhaps a DBS check. This might be for helping out on residentials (camps) or bigger trips, like going to Longleat, where you might end up out of sight/hearing of a regular leader.

Section Assistant

The Section Assistant is the first role that involves the appointment process of scouting. With this role you can volunteer more than once a month. The appointment process includes:

Section Leader and Assistant Section Leader

These two roles have identical recruitment and training requirements.

  • An application form including some references
  • A short meeting which is as much about ensuring you know what you’re letting yourself in for as it is assessing your suitability
  • A DBS check
  • The same 5 mandatory training modules as above
  • Roughly 15 more modules to be progressed through within 3 years of appointment leading to being awarded your Wood Beads on completion of your training